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About JVR Products

JVR Product is located in Vlijmen and has manufactured high-quality stainless steel motorbike accessories since the late 90s, mainly for Honda Goldwing.

Over the years, we have significantly extended our range of products, but the one thing that has always been most important to us, is to make sure we deliver the best quality. It is what has made us so well-known, and it will always be what we stand for. Whether you are looking for a tow hitch or a luggage rack, or perhaps something else, all of our JVR products come with a lifetime guarantee*. And that is simply because we know how durable our products are. All of our products our handcrafted by us, and made at our own modest 5382ft premises, where we produce everything. Not only do we make stainless steel motorbike accessories, we also manufacture parts for agricultural machinery, fencing and garden- and shop interiors. We build them from the ground-up or only specific parts and components. Basically, we can make anything out of various metals, as long as you tell us exactly what to make.

Who are we?

As a customer, you like to know with whom you are doing business, or maybe you are planning to do business with us in the future. That is why we would like to tell you more about JVR Products.

JVR Products is owned by Rik Baardman and Vince Johannesen. We opened our doors in the late 90s. In 2007, Rik and Vince joined the firm as associates. ‘Since then we have committed ourselves fully to that which we do best: custom making metal products. We take pride in our good standing reputation and will go to great lengths to ensure the best quality.’ In 2009, Rik and Vince took over the company and continued in partnership.

JVR products are all made on our very own premises in Vlijmen. ‘We use state-of-the-art welding equipment, as well as more traditional machines, which is fine, as we believe in honest handcrafted products.

JVR Products stands for quality. Quality because our products are handcrafted. We are especially proud of our tow hitches, which pass every German TUV quality mark test with ease. In the future, all motorbikes in the Netherlands will need to get a MOT test certificate. We, at JVR Products, are absolutely confident that our products will meet that condition.

Personal contact with customers is crucial for high-quality custom-built goods. That is why JVR Products is always open to questions from customers, ‘whether your query is about specific stainless steel motorbike accessories, agricultural machinery, shop interiors or something else. We will be happy to think along and discuss with our customers how to improve our products, a key aspect of the quality we stand for.’ Therefore, JVR Products would like to invite customers and anyone interested to contact us.

Our future

As from 1 January 2009, JVR Products has been run by Rik Baardman and Vince Johannesen. ‘That day we started reorganising the business. However, we did not restrict ourselves merely to improving processes in the workplace; we overhauled our administration systems as well. We felt that all of this was necessary to ensure a healthy future for our business.

JVR Products specifically aspires to make and sell high-quality products, preferably with as short as possible manufacturing time, and immediate shipment of our standard stainless steel Honda Goldwing motorbike accessories. ‘Unfortunately, supplying everything from stock is impossible, as we depend on our own suppliers as well. We regret this, but we do not want to compromise our quality by speeding up this process.

JVR Products stands for top quality products, and that is how we like to keep it, now and certainly in the future.

* Guarantees towards the lifespan of our products are subject to our Terms and Conditions. Contact us to find out more about this.